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Presale New Condo Buyer’s Incentive

We offer our valued clients ‘VIP Buyer Incentive’ which will help to offset some of your costs when moving into your new home. Ask us for more information about our Buyer Incentive by registering your interest using this link.



presale new condos in Richmond near to Brighouse skytrain station
Richmond presale new condos Harmony on Granville Ave
presale new condos at River district, Vancouver east

Pick Your Condo

You can do it yourself or we work on-demand to provide you the real estate service you need to buy your presale new condo.

Negotiate Your Rebate

One of our network of agents will negotiate with you the cash rebate. Once agreed, the agent will assist you with your purchase.

Take Possession

You’ll be paid your portion of the cash rebate as soon as the real estate commission is received by the agent working with you.

The Benefits of Buying a Presale New Condo

There are three key reasons for buying a presale new condo that every potential purchaser should know:

  • You own a brand new condo when you take possession of it.
  • You can sometimes get the developer to make alterations to your condo to suite your needs on color scheme, appliances, and fixtures.
  • You can secure a new condo, with the possibility of profiting from rising value of your presale new condo when you take possession of it.

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Jaames Wong is the leader of the team of REALTORS® for the VIP Presale Condos network.


Kerry Lau is a team member and Buyer Agent/REALTOR for VIP Presale Condos.


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